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Serene Spaces

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The addition of pergolas, arbors and trellises provide a serene space that can be functional and relaxing, creating a place of refuge in this fast pace world. Iron Wood Fence and Gate creates one of a kind structures to fit every budget and space.


What’s the difference between a trellis, arbor and pergola?

You’ve probably heard these three terms used for all of the structures below, but there is actually a difference between each. All three are used to create a beautiful garden or backyard space, can incorporate plants and landscaping into their design and are generally made out of the same material.




A trellis is typically a more simple design that stands alone, leans against a wall or fence and are designed primarily for plants and vines to grow and crawl around. You can combine a trellis with a walk through gate or pergola structure for a more substantial trellis design.

Arbors generally have elements of a trellis that allow for plants and vines to
grow up and around them in an arched shape you can walk through.

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Pergolas can also be used to support plant life and climbing vines, but more often provide a structure
with a roof, can combine the use of columns, and can be used as a patio adding lighting elements and
even power sources. There are multiple uses, variations and designs and Iron Wood fence and gate loves
creating one of a kind pergolas to coordinate with your patio needs. We can create an open roof or closed roof
pergola with plenty of customized features.

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